Friday, August 21, 2009

Talking To The Dead - Read it yet?

If you haven't read Bonnie's first novel, you should. It is a wonderful story of a woman's journey to faith. We sometimes think salvation is where it all starts, but God's prevenient grace begins much before that, as does our ministry with people.
I am currently reading Prayer Evangelism and he talks about a fourfold process of evangelism. The fourth step is to proclaim the Good News, but there are 3 other steps before that! I think he got it right - and yes, sometimes God does work out of that box, but let us all start praying for the people around us, most of whom we have no idea what is going on in the private places of their life.


pj said...

I'll have to read that- it sounds like a good read. I recently read a book called The Shack by William Young, and I found it amazing- it leads a man from being a church-goer to being a God-lover. It put things in a very easy to understand way for non-christians.


Steve G said...

You are so right. The Shack put some very theological questions and conundrums in accessible language. One reason people struggle with trying to understand God is that they approach Him from their own bias and don't consider other realities.