Friday, December 14, 2007

Is Love a definition of Leadership?

If we use a defintion of love as leadership, we are all called to leadership - Jesus said "they will know you are my disciples by your love..." We are to love God and our neighbours as ourselves...

I have always equated love with maturity. When you look at a 3 year old their whole world revolves around them and their needs. As they get older, they hopefully begin to see how they fit into the whole world and that other's needs are as important as their own, and basic needs (like food and shelter) are more important thatn things like entertainment and doodling. Love and maturity are about the ability to think outside of yourself, putting others needs before your own with wisdom (ie, put the oxygen mask in the airplane on yourself first, then help your child).

Leadership is a matter of gifting (Holy Spirit). I think our confusion of leadership (definitions) stem from bad models. The Bible likes to use the Body and a building as analogies for the church. Where is the leader in the body? Sure you have a brain, but without the heart pumping, the veins to carry the blood, and the feet to get the food that the hands put in our mouth while the armpits cool us all down...We fail to see our interconnectedness when we ascribe special priority to the leader. He or she is just as important to the body as followers, for without anyone to lead ...

So a definition of leadership? It is one of many gifts for an individual within the body of Christ. It is a place of ministry ("others" focussed), exercised in servanthood (c.f. the washing of the feet) and maturity (completeness, love), designed to facilitate the coordination of the body to the common cause of becoming more Christlike, both corporately as well as individually.

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